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We, from the community blog TRENDS OF SPORTS want to become your digital girlfriends. Women are writing for women. About sports topics. All sports. All performance levels. All ages. Each of us wants to share her enthusiasm with you, want to make you curious, inspire and to motivate you to exercise. Indoor, like outdoor. Sport is so much more than exercise. Sport is philosophy of life. Brings quality into life. Sport is the successful way to relieve stress, pressure and overstrain of everyday life, work and family. Sport allows you to recharge your batteries, to become stronger inside, to be happier, more relaxed.





Well, we write and we network. Each women from her own, emotional, individual perspective on sports. Each of us shares her passion, feelings and thoughts. Sure, we're writing primarily for women, but every man is very welcome to read our blogs, our thoughts and attitudes about our view on sport to learn more about women.





We are no classic sports blog or traditional sports magazine for women. Our topics are not about beauty  or how you lose 10 kilos a week. We are writing because we would like to communicate with other sports women. This is an independent platform where women who do not want to have a own blog can write and share her experiences with others to help others, support others, discuss and exchange ideas. That´s our motto.


We focus on our readers, offering a digital home with interesting sports related topics written for and by women. May be we will be able to be companions for individual woman to achieve their personal goals, or may inspire some of our readers to set a sporting goal.


On this community blog, every reader will find a digital friend she can network online and offline. Under each blog there is a direct contact form.








Trends-of-Sports was founded as a classic blog in 2016 by the journalist Ulrike Luckmann, Munich. Her first  intention was to provide an inspiring platform for other sporty women and to report from their point of view about sports trends, sports products and women-related topics all around sports.


Then, in November 2017, the idea for a community blog came into her mind to offer more diversity and create a platform for many athletic women who like to write and network.


By now, we are already a team of five women and the team is growing more and more. Do you want to write, too?






Write a message, send your email and phone number via our contact form. We then talk about your why and what you would like to write about.


How is this continuing? You send us your blog post by email. We look at it and decide if the topic fit into If yes, we edit it journalistically. Please keep in mind that blog posts always have to be illustrated with some images. Every good article also lives from the imagery and its emotion, such as information. If you have your own website, we can link to it at the end. Basically, we do not publish promotional blogs or those that offer products or services directly for sale. But you are welcome to share your personal experiences with sports equipment, sports services, travel destinations or similar. You too, can describe or review great sports books on the subject.


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