Running physiotherapist and sports therapist with an economic approach 

Hello. I'm Kristina, 31 years old. Professionally I am with one half idealist, physiotherapist and sports scientist - and with the other half realist, studying economist. Incidentally, I write about everything that has to do with health and sports.

Movement is life. Physically and mentally. Running solves problems, at least in the head. Running connects and makes you happy. Also I run - for my life like and sometimes away from my life. On the treadmill, in competitions (never without my socks), but most of all uphill. I'm afraid of heights.

At some point I would like to become an Ironwoman. But right now I would drown mercilessly while swimming. I can already cycle - on the mountain bike and the road bike. The further, the better - and as fast as possible. I dream of a world with more bike paths than roads, cities that belong to happy, car free people without a motorized pedestal.

I would like to take you into a life without a car, motivate you to try new (sporty) things and do the impossible together - and take each other's hand when something does not work out right away.


Danke für Deine Nachricht. Ich setze mich sobald wie möglich mit Dir in Verbindung.