Passionate outdoor sports woman

and author 

Hello, I'm Uta Philipp, born in 1959. I am originally from the German low mountain side. At the age of seven, first time I stood on the mountain "Kampenwand" in Bavaria. That's when I discovered my love for the mountains. During my studies in Munich, nearly every weekend me and my friends had to go into the "Wilder Kaiser" or to the glacier mountains of the Eastern Alps, whatever the weather was. I survived the "wild years" and worked up with an avalanche dog handler training. Since 2007 I live in Salzburger Land, Austria, with completely mountaineering and panoramic photography. My sports in winter: ski touring, freeriding, full speed, NEVER ice climbing again, zipflbob, in summer: mountain biking, hiking, climbing, paragliding. My hobbies: reading, writing, classical music, photography, adventure travel and building something with Lego bricks with my little grandson.


Danke für Deine Nachricht. Ich setze mich sobald wie möglich mit Dir in Verbindung.